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Default Any Idea What This Is?

I noticed this on Wolfie's leg 2 days ago. I had given him a bath the day before and didn't notice it. It looks like it could be a hot spot but when I looked up hot spots online, all the sites say that hot spots turn very red and get pus within a few hours. This spot hasn't changed ay all. Is it possible that he could have scraped himself on the shower door track or climbing on his log pile outside? Would it look like this if that's the case? Also, I started feeding him coconut oil 2 days ago. I started with a teaspoon of it in his food at each meal because all the info says to gradually add it to his diet. Could this be a reaction to coconut oil? I couldn't find adverse reactions like this one on any of the coconut oil sites. I have also been rubbing it into the area which seems marginally sore to him, but he keeps licking it off. Any ideas?
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