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Couple Questions!

Hi, I am the owner of a white GS. We have the puppy since it was almost 4 weeks old and is gonna be 10 weeks on Tuesday. The breeders didn't take very good care of the animals and we reported after we rescued it. Now for my questions. The dogs only got fed once a day, had fleas and worms.

1. House Breaking.
This isn't my first dog but it is my first GS. But he seems to have his good moments. We haven't had a single day that he hasn't had an accident in the house. I work 9 hour days and my gf works 8 hours. When we are work he is at either one of our houses so he doesn't have to be crated all the time. I have been trying really hard to house break him as soon as possible. I take him outside after he takes a big drink, wakes up from a nap, goes to the door, 5 minutes after eating unless its a big meal, and after playing. He will go potty outside when I tell him to do it, so he has learned that aspect so far. But for some reason he will have really bad days when he won't go outside for at all and then once he comes inside he goes right away. He will have accidents without any warning even while we are playing he will stop and just go.

I am the only one following this method and the others will let him out after he eats. I am not 100% on how often they do.

How can I get him to stop having those bad days and so many accidents when I try and take him outside every hour or 2.

2. Crating
I am a firm believer that they shouldn't be crated at all. My pitt is allowed to roam my apartment and sleep where ever she wants. She is fully house broken and once my GS house broken he will be the same way. Now the only time I have him in his kennel is when we are sleeping over night, I am in the shower, going to work until (but he is out of his kennel within 2 hours because someone comes to get him if I don't drop him at my gf parents.), or when I am taking my other dog outside. Now my issue is at night even when he is sleeping I will pick him up and put him inside his kennel after we go potty. He will start to bark and whine insanely loud and it will usually continue for 10ish minutes. I try to just ignore it but his kennel is right next to my bed and it gets really annoying. So I will yell stop, no, or just tell him he is fine.

How can I get him to realize his kennel is purely for sleeping and isn't any sort of punishment? Around 8 weeks he was doing fine with it but when I went out of town for a week I think maybe they used it for punishment and maybe he is afraid of it now. I don't know.

Thank you.
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