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Should I be concerned?

To begin, my puppy is 13 weeks old now. She is medically up to date but for the past few days she has been vomiting.
4 days ago she vomited a piece of a chew toy that I had no idea was eaten (she had hidden the toy so I didn't know it was eaten until she vomited). Two days after that she vomited a chunky yellow paste (for lack of better description) and today she vomited again. Each not being a lot of vomit but still vomit.

Everything seems to be normal with her though. She happily plays all day and eats her meals with ease so I'm not sure if this is just something puppies do occasionally? Or is it something she ate (it's hard to keep grass and dirt out of her mouth)?
I've already made an appointment to go see the vet but should I be concerned?

Thanks a lot,

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