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Originally Posted by RowdyDogs View Post
What do you mean, any chance she gets? Is it literally any time you are near her, or is it only when she's active (as in, could you walk into a room while she's tired out and sleeping and she'd still get up and go for you)? How hard are these bites--is she breaking skin and/or refusing to let go, or are they painful nips?

Also, how old is she? Is she 8 weeks old now (you got her at 6 weeks old), or is she 10 weeks old and you brought her home when she was 8 weeks old?

What do you currently do when she bites?
We got her at 6 and 1/2 weeks, so she is now 8 weeks.
Anytime we play with her she goes directly for our hands, feet, leg, arm, etc. even if we have toys in our hands and are trying to distract her with the toys. She isn't breaking skin but we definitley have marks all over our bodies. At first they were not painful though they have started to get harder and harder and now she is not wanting to let go which is why I was worried about the biting.

Currently when she bites we just try to do redirection to a toy, as our puppy trainer discourages grabbing the muzzle and/or yelling no at her age.

She does well with the little training weve done at home so far. She is learning sit and come already and does those pretty well for a puppy her age.

Thanks so much !
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