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Without question my most proud moment so far is getting Pimg's CGC. It's funny because while most of you with working dogs have/had such high expectations when you got your dogs, Pimg was bought as absolutely nothing more than a pet. I expected to teach her sit, down, shake, and roll over- that's it. Accomplishing anything at all with her was never in the plans...

I took a basic obedience course with her at I think 4.5 years old and decided that I would like to put a CGC on her. "That would be the epitome of training!" I thought ([EDIT]- LOL!!!). To accomplish something so awesome... Well, we did get a CGC! And I'm very proud. And it turns out that the CGC became my gateway into working and titling my dog! Now she has a number of titles after her name, of which I'm very proud of. But it all started for us with the CGC...

My future "most proud" moment will be when she earns her C-ATCH title, which is the CPE equivalent to AKC's MACH agility title. We are working hard towards that goal now...

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C-ATCH Pimg - RATO, UJJ (x2), DJX, HIT, CA, CGC, High in Games, Reserve High in Standard- CPE Nationals 2014

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