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To SAR dog or not to SAR dog...

Well first off as this is my first post, hello to everyone on the Forum!

Like many of the people who posted here, at first I set out to get a SAR dog in the "wrong way". Instead of joining the SAR team first, I started looking for a dog. Luckily, I didn't pick up a dog at the breeders that guaranteed me their dogs were fit and perfect for the job (american show line GSDs for the most part... not saying they were bad dogs but since the breeders didn't work the dogs in that way how could they know?). All to say, I stumbled onto a work line breeder who set me on the right path (didn't exactly chew me out but...).

I have now looked at SAR teams in my area and found one where I will start my training in March. I am confident I have an affinity for it (12 years in the infantry & still serving... from what I see volunteer SAR calls pretty much on a similar skillset, correct me if I'm wrong).

So my question is: Am I getting ahead of myself if I still seek out a work line GSD for this summer? (yes, I'm fixated on these dogs) I'm not looking into getting the dog admited this year. I was thinking of doing scent work/tracking as a sport with the dog until it gets invited for an evaluation(is that a good approach?). If the dog is picked at that point, Awesome! (what's considered too old BTW?) If not, I figure I'll have a good activity with my new furry buddy anyways and that shouldn't prevent me from doing SAR work on my own in any case.

Your thought?
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