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Originally Posted by MichaelE View Post
"Not very friendly dogs" don't get very far with me. I was riding in the country on my bike in May of '10 when I had a very large aggressive Lab puncture my calf. I smacked him around and he released me.

The next week I bought a law enforcement formula peper spray called FOX. Extrememly effective against two and four legged animals.

I bought the party-size canister with the pistol grip and safety pin in the trigger mechanism. It fits in the water bottle holder on my bike with a thin piece of foam wrapped around it. I also carry it on all walks that I go on with or without Lisl.

To many irresponsible dog owners for me to take any more chances and being unprepared.
Thanks for the brand name and yes, I agree. I'm sick and tired of these dogs running rampant. They slow down the school buses and make a snarl of what little traffic we have...and end up getting hit by cars but the owners apparently really don't much care. By the time I call Animal Control and they actually come out, the dogs are, of course, back home.

Originally Posted by Kdrees View Post
I personally wouldn't use a newspaper - too many people use that as punishment so her having one could create some issues. I think pepper spray or something of the sort is just fine. Is there anything like bear spray?? I would also notify your neighbors and/or the owners if the dogs that this is what your daughter is going to be doing so there are no surprises.

I make in scheduled calls - in person - to people's homes and businesses for work and I often run into animals. I carry dog treats in my car!

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We could totally get bear spray easily since we have so many bears around and are close to wilderness areas where there are grizzlies. Good idea!

I should add that our UPS driver and USPS mail carrier both carry dog the USPS case, I'd rather she didn't because when she stops to deliver mail, all the dogs that are loose in the surrounding area come running and converge on her car!

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