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What would you do?

We live "out" of town by about 15 miles, but are in a "hobby farm" area, where parcels are 2-40 acres. Gravel roads, no curbs or sidewalks very hilly etc.

For whatever reason, most of the neighbors (and I use that term loosely because to me "neighbor" should mean someone responsible and friendly) do not restrain their dogs. At All. Most own 2-5 dogs of varying sizes. Some stay close to their houses, but most wander at least into the road. Some are not very friendly.

My 12 year old Cardi (Corgi) was weighed before christmas and has put on a few pounds which is a lot for that long back. My youngest daughter offered to walk him when she gets home from school everyday. At first it was down the driveway to the mailboxes and back, not quit a 1/4 mile round trip. As he's gotten better with it (and incidentally is doing FAR better with the steps into and in the house), she's started going gradually further. Now she's getting into the neighbor zone with dogs that come out into the road and follow her and one has charged her. She uses her big voice (she's taller than I am and has my big voice) and size and tells them "GO HOME!" and they have, so far.

Would you get her some pepper spray to carry? She wants to just carry a newspaper stick (rolled up newspaper) but I don't want her or Tank getting tangled up with dogs.

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