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Pedigree Analysis

Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some insight on this pedigree. Dog is not mine, but pedigree is identical to one I'm interested in.

I know there's a lot of Crok/Mink in this pedigree, which a number of you do not like, but I've had a more difficult time deciphering the lines that could potentially balance out this pedigree.

Also, I was wondering if the parents do not show any signs of real concern, what's the likelihood of their off spring having problems? Ie something pops up from the linebreeding.

The Dam was very, very friendly and seemed easy going. The sire was all business and we were instructed not to try and pet him or get physical with his trainer while he was out (no touching). He completely ignored us, but I didn't see anything concerning other than the warning. He was a very attractive, but very intense fellow and man, was he fast!

The puppy at 9 weeks, while not as out going as some of you describe puppies to be, didn't appear have any problems interacting with us. She would rather hang out with us and get scratches than play with one of her pen mates (an 11 week old). She was also not mouthy at all and loved to play with the ball. Honestly, I loved her because she didn't appear to be as "driven" and seemed to prefer people over toys. I have also read warnings on this forum about puppies with reserved personalities though. I didn't see any problems with her behavior, but I confess puppies are not my specialty.

And if anyone has insight about the breeder, I'd be happy to hear that too.

Pedigree: Kenny Vom Brewer

Thanks for your input in advance.
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