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Yea cause i totally "let" her get pregnant. Were not all of the upper crust and able to control every dimension of our dogs and our own lives. If you paid mind to my story, i think you would respect the alterations to my life i made for her. That dog is my life. Since i work at the humane society, i can attest to the appalling nature of owners to abandon their animals at the drop of a hat. No one else who works there would berate me for any aspect of my dogs life, seeing what we see, and knowing how much i care for my dog. I appreciate your advice but you dont need to talk down to me about her. That mongrel is better in every way than any purebred ive ever had.

Mixed breed or not, a dog is a dog, no one better than the other, working at a humane society and seeing it first hand every day i know this to be true.

Im well aware of the GSD dimensions, but shes half lab, that being small for a lab as well. I was mostly concerned with how i might expect her to develop from here on out, so for that information i thank you.
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