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Bred young, would like advice

Hi thanks for reading. Let me start with a bit of a disclaimer. Ive raised and trained dogs my whole life, mostly beagles and springers. I love dogs, i work at a humane society and i do very well with them. Dogs have always been a big part of my life. A little over a year ago, i adopted a labrashepherd puppy. Her name is violet. She is my only dog. I love her with all my heart, i wish i could upload pics of her she is sooo gorgeous. She looks more like a golden shepherd, the only non shepherd trait of hers being her multi shaded golden colour. She is a wonderful animal. Shes very VERY intelligent and has learned commands ive never been able to teach my other dogs. Shes very loyal and protective. Shes also very calm and loving when shes inside. A problem arose when she was around six months and i couldnt have her where i was living anymore, so i decided if she had to go, so did i. So we moved to my dads, a clause being she had to live outside. Being a carpenter, i spent a few days building an extravagant dog house for her. I was quite proud of it. She destroyed most of the amenities of course lol but this is where ithe bad news comes in. She was born september 15 2011. She gave birth to a litter of puppies june 26 2012. Everything went fine, she had five healthy little mutts lol she took great care of them, and i adopted them all out, a few of which i still get to see. Man i have so many great pictures i wish i could share on here. But needless to say i think it may have stunted her growth. I know shes not quite done growing but shes barely 40 45 pounds id say. Maybe twenty inches at the shoulders. I say this because her dimensions, apart from length, seem very comparable to that of a full grown springer spaniel. Just a bit bigger. What are your opinions on this? I know there are many bullets about to fly my way about this but im just a humble man, i cant afford the most nutritious meals for her let alone myself, i do take her meat from Dinner every day tho. She gets a good variation of people food and pedigree, shes always gotten a clean bill of health. Shes a very lively and active dog, and doesnt seem to favor anything in motion. She does have the GSD gait lol shes a gorgeous dog ive never seen anythi g like her for a half breed. Is there anything affordable i can do to promote healthy growth and developement to maybe compensate for her early pregnancy? What are some reprocussions of this that may not typically just ne developmentally? Enlighten me friends. Thank you
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