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Originally Posted by hamada View Post
Thanks for your fast response. I was feeding him royal canin german shepherd formula until 6 months but now it is out of stock. And the only alternative is purina dogchow adultos. So I give him 3 meals (2 dry food and one is raw (boiled chicken and bread) ). The calcium supplemnt is 500 mg 3 time in day so total is 1500 mg / day. ??
This is not raw: Boiled chicken and bread

Here is a link to some raw feeding advice
Raw Feeding

If you are feeding a balanced diet, raw or kibble, you will not need to supplement calcium. If I were you, and I am not so make the best decision for you and your dog, I would switch to a raw diet, if feeding that is financially viable. If not, I would feed the Purina with as many *fresh* add-ins as possible (veggies, raw meat, plain yogurt, low sodium cottage cheese etc).

Here is a link to the "Ears up??" forum, many people have posted great info here:

Ears Up?????? - German Shepherd Dog Forums

Also, just because a GSD is "Purebred" and or "Papered" does not guarantee that ears will stand. If at all possible, I would ask the breeder if any other puppies are still struggling to get their ears to stand. Unless the littermate damaged the cartilage while playing, the playing alone is not the cause of this. Otherwise, all breeds with ears that stand would have to be seperated at 4 weeks, so they didn't damage each others ears...LOL

Good luck with your pup! I am sure others will chime in as well.
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