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Crate Troubles

Hello! I just want to start by saying that I fully believe in crate training for my dogs from day one. For their safety and my sanity. My Sarge is now 8 months (tomorrow) and 80+ lbs and just started breaking out of his metal crate. He isn't in there often as I am a stay at home mom, maybe 2-3 hrs 3x a week and at night. The only reason he goes in there at night is because my hubby gets home late from work and I don't need him barking in the middle of the night. I know he loves it since he goes in there on his own from time to time to get away from the kids and other dogs, but for the past 2 weeks he has broken out of it 4x when I am not home, never at night. He has popped the whole front off, so my hubby zip tied it shut, then he chewed the zip ties off (luckily didn't eat them as I found them scattered through the crate.) He is obviously smart, but just does not want in there. What could cause this to happen all of a sudden?? After him being in it from the start at 8 weeks, to just shy of 8 months hating it?!?!?! And I know it isn't because of the other dogs, because Ruby is in her crate next to him when I am gone and Buck is in another room. I am afraid that if it is separation anxiety, that if I do leave him out of the crate he will chew or destroy the whole house!! Any thoughts or tips???

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