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8.5 months one ear standing ? Help

My GSD is 8.5 months, very long hair pure bred, showline & pidigree. He has one firm ear which stands perfectly. The other one is floppy (base standing but other half down). When I bought him, the breeder told me that the ear is floppy because his brother was playing with it. Afterwards he was teething and still didn't stand. At 6.5 months he was nearly finished teething but still it was down. I sent a photo to breeder and he told me that I have to find a good vet in my country to tape it. When I took him to vet he told me not to tape until 7 months and gave me Vitamin B supplements and calcium Tablets. At 7.5 months with no change just base standing and still half of ear down. When I went again he started to tape it and told me to continue the supplements. Now he is 8.5 months, when I remove tape it is standing but soft and not firm and tip is down but sometimes up. So I was asking is there a chance it will stand if I continue to tape and continue on the supplement and is there anything else I can do to help ?
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