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Default How To Break A Dog From Leaning On You

Hello everyone,

I have a 9 month old GSD named Diesel and he has developed (thanks to me and my wife) a bad habbit of coming up to you and leaning on you when your loving on him. Normally with any other small to medium sized dog I wouldn't mind but he will be very big someday and I don't want him knocking us over. I know a lot of people on here like it when their dog does it and I do too right now because I can hug on him and just love on him. When he turns a year old, we will be certifiying him as a service dog. I live outside DC and I am currently in the military. My wife and I have been to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center many times for my doctor appointments and we see the wounded warriors that are there and we just want to help. I can NOT have Diesel go up to one of my brothers or sisters who are wounded and knock them over. It's cute right now with us but could become a problem when visiting our nations heros. How do I break him of this?

Thanks for your help!

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