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Tips for "young" pup owner

I just bought a puppy over the weekend, he is my second GSD. You would think I would know what to do here, even though it's been 8 years since I've had a puppy. But I don't. Our new pup (ducks and hides from the flaming pitchforks) is only 6 weeks old.
When I started talking to the breeder I didn't know she was letting them go so early. By the time I found out, we (including my 5 year old son) were attached. So instead of losing my $ and breaking my sons heart, we agreed. I figured we got Stewart (our first) at 8 weeks, what could the difference of 2 weeks be? Finding out its a whole lot. He's just a baby...literally.
One good thing is my MIL is staying with us through the winter and she has a 10wk old Dalmatian puppy, so I'm hoping he might help. Plus we have a 4 yr old black Lab that we rescued from the pound last year.
But any tips on house training, crate training, etc that you might have, will be appreciated. But please don't bash me, I understand the issues that could come with him leaving his mama so young...that's why I'm here asking for advice. I need a refresher coarse on puppies!!
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