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Originally Posted by lourdes View Post
So I'm researching ans searching for my german Shepherd puppy and there is a wide range of prices out there and so I am wondering is there an average price for a pup whose parents are titled? In particular I want to Shutzhund train my dog.
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Fwiw, I paid $3000 for Yoschi when all was said and done.. he's a WGSL with at least five generations of sch titles on both sides of his pedigree,, including both parents being Schh3 and FH
His sale price was 2500, then there were all these other fees the breeder kept adding on.. the microchip, sales tax, akc foreign dog registration etc etc
Even with all that, he turned out to be a monorchid with soft floppy ears.. lol.. no breeding for Yoschi..

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Dam: V-Fenja vom Herzbach SchH3, FH, KKL1"a"

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