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Layla is gone

Dog profile for Layla - Rest in Peace, a female Dachshund

Layla has passed away after having been in physical decline for a few months.
We aren't sure why.
She had a seizure and passed almost immediately...before the seizure ended she was showing agonal breathing and I knew she was gone. I worked on her for almost 20 min. before her pupils blew, we lost her heartbeat completely (it was erratic during CPR) and we knew she was gone.

We think it was a stroke, possibly. She had been shaking her head slightly today on and off (uncharacteristic) and I was going to make a vet appointment for tomorrow.

Layla passed here at home this evening, about an hour ago, and is now at peace.

She had nearly 2 very happy years with us and will be missed greatly.

Rest in Peace, Layla. You were loved very very much.
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