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Thank you very much for your input. He went to a 6 week puppy class but was so big as a puppy he terrified the other pooches. I'll have to check to see if there are any trainers where I attend school.

The sidewalk condition here is sub par. It's covered with Ice and snow so he had to be picking up that I was apprehensive since I was thinking about not slipping and him maybe scaring her and how she would react, etc. When you say to not let them carry out with the reaction, how could I effectively stop this behavior before he is able to carry out an action? Do I pop the collar? I've also been noticeably changing my mood to a very happy mood whenever anyone steps outside within his view saying things like "Who is that, Jax? I see them too!" and if he behaves I reward him once we get by. How do I punish him properly if he does bark?

Lastly, down at school, should I work with him by walking directly past other people or should I cross the street? I've also thought about carrying treats or food with me and feeding him as they approach. If he wouldn't bark like crazy I would ask the person if they would like to give him a treat. Wouldn't that quell this problem quite promptly?

Forgive my ignorance, I'm trying my best. :/
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