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Exclamation Help Please! I feel like I'm letting my Jax down. (Text heavy)

Please help, I have a 20 month(ish) old male GSD. He is the sweetest dog to me and will listen to my commands unless he's feeling extra giddy and then is easily distracted. I am a college student and he was given to me by my mother because we had to find a new home for the GSD we had before (moved houses [long story]).

He is a hellion around my mother in my absence and that kills me because I know what kind of dog he really is. I've tried talking to my mother and brother about how to properly behave when rewarding and punishing Jax but they don't listen.

Now, since I've been on winter break I've seen his new favorite bad habits:

1) Barking like crazy when people enter the house.
-His hair will stand up on his back
-He has yet to growl or snip at anyone he just looks very threatening
but I know not to rule out the possibility of him biting someone.

Now, if the person or people let(s) him smell them or stays for a little he settles back down but demands their attention.

2) On walks he will bark at people coming in and out of their house or garage and that is embarrassing. I know that GSDs are a very vocal breed but the common person does not.

***3) Earlier this evening while we were walking a woman was also taking a walk. The first time we came upon her I crossed the street and got on the other sidewalk as not to make the woman nervous or scared. Jax behaved well and didn't growl, bark or raise his hair. He just watched her walk by and then didn't even look back to check on her.

The second time we came upon this woman I couldn't get across the street and felt that if I turned Jax around he might have associated that action with people = bad so I kept walking and put myself in between Jax and the woman so she would pass on my right side. It was dark and as we approached he didn't raise his hair, bark or growl. I established vocal contact with the woman first thinking that it would ease Jax even more and after I finished, she answered my comment with a simple "Yes." As soon as she answered, Jax started barking and tried to lunge. I caught the lunge before he got but 2 inches and when I popped his collar (choke) he stopped barking and shaped up but the damage was done for the woman.

This behavior is unacceptable and I know this. I also know that this is MY fault. Not Jax's and most definitely not the woman walking.

I would LOVE to take him down to school with me to insure that I could get some good work in with him but with this type of behavior I wouldn't be able to walk down the sidewalk. Jaxon is my best friend and I would be crushed if he hurt someone because I know what that means.

I'm new to this forum and the whole forum thing and I feel like I just kind of let everything spill out so if something doesn't make sense or I forgot some information, don't hesitate to ask.
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