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Trying to make the leap from GSD admirer to owner

I admit it, I'm an over-thinker. For years I have been dying to have a GSD, but then I come to the forums and read about cases of leash reactivity, nipping family members, barking at friendly neighbors, homeowners insurance issues, "crate and rotate" for dogs not getting along... and I get scared off. I know that I'm a good owner and trainer. I care about proper nutrition and appropriate vet care, and after years of working with horses, I can interpret behavior and handle animals well. Even then, I know enough to admit when I need help and I even have a perfectly behaved adult dog for a role model. But I haven't made the leap.

As part of my research, I have gone to meet with breeders of working and show line dogs. I am conflicted because I want a WL for their compact build and I love the dark sables and blacks, but as a "pet person" I feel like I would be better off living with a SL dog. At one point, I met two puppies that were around the same age. The WL puppy came in like a rocket, leapt over the couch, independently sniffed around the room, and didn't seem to want much to do with me. The SL puppy was calmer and mostly interested in attention from me. That SL puppy was not for sale, of course, or I would have had my puppy that day!

Is this experience a fair enough comparison? Are there calmer, more owner-oriented WL puppies that appear in litters, or are breeders that have lower drive WL dogs "wrong"? I need to focus my search, and I have found a breeder that has nice West German showline puppies... but if anyone knows of a really special WL puppy or breeder that I should talk to, I am all ears. I just need a little push! I'm willing to consider any breeders in the eastern half of the US or Canada.

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