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Originally Posted by Ken Clean-Air System View Post
Never seen it, but it looks somewhat useful. One of the biggest things I look for personally is not addressed by the ratings though - whether the company makes its own food or outsources, and if they outsource are they transparent and upfront about who does their manufacturing for them. It also doesn't address the companies history of recalls, where they source their ingredients, if they are family owned or owned by a large conglomerate, etc. all important considerations when choosing a food as well, at least in my opinion.
Yeah. I've definitely heard people talk about the importance of not outsourcing. I suppose you could take this system and tweak it to add all those points you just mentioned!

Personally, I think this thing would make it easier to scour dog food labels without all the marketing and packaging getting in the way.

It'd be great to have one for each life stage and perhaps a performance one, too.
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