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Recently I bought a 3" thick memory foam topper for my bed. Since, I've noticed that Pimg really likes laying on it and so I started thinking about an orthopedic bed for her. I found this youtube video which though it is clearly full of marketing nonsense, the basic premise made sense to me:
  • Memory foam bottoms out but is supportive
  • Egg crate foam creates pressure points but doesn't bottom out

The idea of combining the two seemed pretty logical to me and I started researching how much $$$ it would take to make one. You can find "twin" size memory foam bed toppers on Amazon for about $50- up to about 3" thick, though 2" seems more standard. You can even find normal foam pads on Amazon as well (though these are a bit more expensive- around $70 for a size comparable to a twin mattress). Both pad sizes would be enough to make two GSD sized ortho beds. The only thing you'd have to do is sew a cover to encase them both.

And I can sew just fine. I can even install zippers. But I'm kind of lazy, so I took the lazy way out and bought two normal dog crate pads- one egg crate foam and one memory foam. Since this pic, I've reversed the pad order and put the egg crate on top and the memory foam on bottom as I found the egg crate one is a bit softer overall. When Pimg lays on it (and she does OFTEN now!) you can see her sink right in, but still be well elevated off the floor about 2.5" or so. She loves it.

[EDIT]- while a crib mattress definitely seems popular and plenty of dogs seem to like it, my dog does NOT like her crib mattress and never lays on it. I should have returned it to the store, but I pretty much forgot about it.

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