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Default Calling all neutered male GSD owners

When did you guys neuter your boys?? Berlins time is coming up fast, he will be 7 months at the end of this month (I swear he was just 9 weeks old yesterday....) I know there is ALOT of personal preference and debate about when to neuter...but just curious as to when others did it. I want him to look masculine, so I am trying to put it off for a bit, but I dont want any of the behaviors (spraying, humping etc) to start. He dominance humps my other dog or little brother (LOL ) occasionally, but I have pretty much nipped that in the bud. When are males sexually mature? I do not want him going crazy over females (we have ALOT of dogs in our neighborhood) so ideally, I'd want to neuter him by then. Thanks in advance
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