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what's a good everyday collar for a plushy GSD?

I've got a 1" soft web collar on my 8 month old boy. He's got a plushy coat and his coat hides the collar, which I dont care if it does, I can still find it! but since the only trace of collar was his tag hanging, I got bombarded by show dog people telling me the collar is so wrong I thought I was going to get whipped 20 lashes or something. Well actually they also said 1" is too thin and if he pulls he can hurt his throat...though as he's in training to learn not to pull, we use a prong. So the collar is basically an ID holder.

It was a dizzying conversation. One person would mention one and another would shoot it down. So they mentioned: rolled leather, 2" or 3" nylon, wide choke chain, fur saver and whatever a German collar is (sounded like a martingale).

What type of collar do you have on your dogs?

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