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Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
We feed Taste of the Wild bison-venison from TSC. Simple, natural ingredients. Not cheap, but when you feed cheap food, the dog eats copious amounts, poops copious amounts, and does not get properly nourished, but may develop tumors and other problems. I augment the kibble with egg, bison meatballs, organic poultry, wheatgrass powder, homemade doggy biscuits (gluten-free) - not all at once, just different additions 1x a day. I know my dogs eat better than many people, but one is almost 20, and the GS is supremely healthy and beautiful. People remark on her coat all the time. Of course, I brush her daily as well.
I like TOTW also, but the protein is a little high for a large breed dog in the bison. I would try another kind of TOTW lower in protein if that's the brand you like. But if your dogs are doing great on it, then keep it up! It was to rich for my dogs.

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