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Over twenty years ago when I went to a breeder to pick out my very first ( since then I have had four) GSD , I was truly impressed with the intelligence and responsiveness of this dog even at the age of only eight weeks old. We had also looked at Golden Retriever puppies. They were adorable but very goofy I have had other breeds which I truly loved but none of these dogs seemed as eager to "get to work" as the Shepherds. They are also very affectionate but not with everyone. I like the fact that my Shepherd doesn't insist on attention from strangers. One sniff, then he is done. There is no jumping on or poking the person as a means of insisting on being petted. I appreciate this, particularly after having an incredibly sweet female Samoyed who would pee on and whine at everyone she met out of pure excitement. Although there are times of frustration, I love the training that happens with a Shepherd. Lots of eye contact and focus. I take Atticus to work with me daily. At less than one year old, he takes his job seriously and has excellent manners at the bank and other businesses that we might enter. He is truly a joy!
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