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Is my German Shepherd puppy underweight?

I have a 9 week old GSD, well everyone is saying I have been scammed because she looks nothing like a German Shepherd. Anyways, the breeder took her to the vet and they gave her shots and they wormed her. She did have worms because that was the first time she had been to the vet. She lost weight, and you could actually tell it for sure. As of right now she weighs about 12 pounds and it seems like she is gaining at least 3 pounds every week, give or take a couple pounds. So, she is 10 pounds as of right now. I measured her and from the floor to the top of her back is 13 inches. Is she big or small for her age? Also is now a good time for training?

Here is a few pics....

9 weeks old photo by justinsmitherman20 | Photobucket
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