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If she's going that strongly I wouldn't think so?

My Koda gets 5-10 (sometimes 15) miles of walking per day, 2-3 nights a week she gets a 2 hr jog/run, 1-1.5 hr training, up to 4 hrs of dog park time/play time with a friend's dog, 1.5 hrs of playtime with me, etc. She also gets to herd for 2-3 hrs regularly at my uncle's. And she's still pretty ready to go. Even while I'm at work, she's usually playing with another dog or a coworker (if she isn't home getting worked by Matt).

Just because your friend has had dogs all her life doesn't mean she knows what's best for yours. I have a feeling her dogs have all been much more laid-back than Kyleigh.

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