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Did this confuse my pup..(Potty)

Saber is almost 2mo old, we have had him almost 2wks he is crated at night and has not made a mess in 5 nights so we are ok there, he is messing up ALOT during the day, he is cut off only allowed in the living room, we take him out every 10-15 minutes he goes potty, poo outside when he comes back in he will piddle again, so since we live in Florida and its been wonderful outside, we let him run around the yard with our 10yr old GS for a long time outside, of course he is pottying, but when inside again there he goes, do you think being outside alot is confusing him, i hate to restrict outdoor play since its so nice out there, but my carpet is spotted all white from the cleaner i even took the puppy fence thing and made a really small area instead of the living room and he still peeing in there too, besides this adn the biting he is a pretty awesome dog
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