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Rough training week and starting to think the unthinkable

So this week has been a real bad week for training. I have taken many steps back and it's looking like Mina might not be capable of competeing in protection sports. She is 15 months and still has a lot of maturing to do but it's becoming apparent that this may not be her thing. It is very sad as I have put so much time, blood, sweat and tears into this dog. She is a byb dog and I never expected to go far with her but club level and to learn with would have been fun. The problem is that I have gotten way more involved in sport than I ever though I would. She was doing okay with IPO but we recently started SDA (I moved and the SDA group is very well known). They have pointed out many issues they see with her and said they don't think she will ever make it. I am faced with the desicion to either keep trying to get her there or re-home her and start with a dog/puppy that was bred for this stuff. It truly breaks my heart because I love this dog so much. It seems unfair to her since I didn't get her for this but fell into it. I have said that she is my heart dog. I'm just really starting to wonder if it's going to be worth the time and money to keep investing in her to possibly get no titles. I keep telling myself that if I keep working her I will learn a great deal and it will make me so much better for my nex one but..... I don't know. Not sure what I really want out of this thread but just wanted to get it out. Thanks
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