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new to the breed

I will try not to make this too long. I have been reading this forum for a while and researching different breeders for months. I thought I wanted a puppy. Because who doesn't love a puppy right? But after talking to some trainers about what I want in a dog. Which is a companion for protecting my son and I with some obedience training as well. We will take
We live on 4 acres and have an Australian shepherd who is a high strung goof ball that we love but is scared of strangers. I don't want a puppy picking up on his fear of people.
Which leads me to this..
Do I get a rescue that is 4 yrs old and a couch potato, great with kids and other dogs and will alert us of strangers (words from the breeder that rescued her)
Or look for a breeder that has older dogs that have already been trained.
Any breeder recommendations?
Thanks for reading
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