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Originally Posted by GusGus View Post
When I tell people how much I paid for BB they say things like "why? Its just a dog" or "why not buy iams (or Purina) its just as good but less than half the price" its like..yeah my dog eats cat poop and won't eat iams after reading the ingredients on both..I'll stick to BB
I just mention that it's cheaper in the long run, because you spend less on vet bills, they eat less, less bathing, and smaller poops are an added bonus.
I get grossed out petting some people's dogs because they're greasy and leave an almost slimy feel on my hands.
Ozzy only gets a bath if he goes out and plays in the mud or something.
He has a super soft, shiny coat. His last bath was probably around August last year, and that was because he was a mud puppy, haha.

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