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Spontaneous road trip with doggies!

I'm so excited!! And ok well I guess it's not going to be completely spontaneous since I'm giving myself an 'undisclosed amount of time' (sorry this IS a public forum and all so not saying when we're going) to plan for it.

My husband has two weeks built up vacation time to use he found out today. We went out to dinner tonight after taking the big doggies on an hour walk and running some errands with them(the guy at the pet store didn't believe Ollie was a GSD because he's "so dark" ) and at dinner we were talking about what we'd do with the time.

I don't remember exactly how it came up at dinner but my husband has always gone on about wanting to take me to the Grand Canyon and I was like, well want to go? And he said YES!!!

So we're going to the Grand Canyon!! I have been to Arizona loads of times but somehow always missed that. We are going to bring Sammy(our golden) and Ollie(my GSD pup in my avatar). It's going to be a quick trip, maybe just a day or two there and then two days for driving.

Right now I'm researching dog friendly hotels and dog friendly trails and things by the canyon. This will also be a good test of how they do on the road with us because we are planning a camping trip on the Oregon coast later this year and I wanted to bring them.

I'm so looking forward to this! I love road trips and I love taking the doggies with me... And no worries we have lots of practice with this, in fact just this June we drove up to the Oregon coast with one of our dogs(two and a half day drive), she had the time of her life! All of our dogs love the car except my Pom who hates it and gets very carsick.

Can't wait!

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