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Default Arthritis so Young???

My 3 year old was running in the woods, she let out a loud yelp and came running out. Checked her over and she had a little blood on both nostrils, other than that she was fine. I thought maybe she ran into a tree. Got home and she had trouble getting out of the van and up the stairs. By morning she could hardly move and I couldn't put my hand on her lower back at all. Off to the vet. We were very surprised to hear she has arthritis going down her spine and she said it was quite bad. She said in the woods something must have happened and a little piece of arthritic bone chipped off. She showed us the x-ray against a normal spine x-ray, so I do believe her. Just kind of funny when she never had a symptom before this. So now she is on Tramadol for pain, Metacam for inflamation, and we are going for an injection of Cartrophen for 4 weeks in a row. She also told me to get Glucosamine to give her. Does this sound like a good way to treat this to anyone out there that might have experience with arthritis. Any guesses why such a young dog would get this? She comes from a very good breeder. The vet said her hips and elbows are great. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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