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Training to the goal of titles takes years if you do it right.
Best to do it with a good club and never send a dog away.
What's the point of having a dog if you aren't the one involved in the training. The bond is very important.
As far as cost? Depends on where you're located. I paid $100 per month for training with one group and then paid another trainer the same monthly fee for private lessons(mid week).
Not including, seminars, workshops, fuel for travel or equipment.
Where I live, it is fairly inexpensive to train in the sport. Some clubs just have an annual membership due's and possibly quarterly. Others, you pay to train every session + yearly dues.
I don't even want to think about the costs I've incurred in one dog....but every cent is worth it, or I wouldn't do it!

Have you visited any clubs? Thats where I'd start in my search for a breeder and then you can see the great bond the different teams have. Get with a club(visit a few if you can to see where you fit best) as soon as you can, even without a dog, you'll learn so much!
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