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Need place to board my gsd please help:(

My fiancé and I just got a notice on our door that we have to rehome our gsd. We had NO clue he was on a 'vicious breed' list and now my landlady says we have until the 17th to rehome him. I can't do it. I have only had this dog a month but he is the sweetest smartest dog I've ever owned, and he keeps me sane. We got him because I was pregnant and had a baby who had potters syndrome, she only lived for 17 hours. I was devastated, and I really needed something to take my mind off of it, so I started looking for a gsd. My landlady knew and was fine with it. I guess she didn't hear or maybe I didn't specifically state that it was going to be a gsd. I thought I did but in her defense maybe I didn't specify enough when I told her I was looking for a pup. On my lease there's nothing at all about pets of any kind, we just were told we would have to pay a pet deposit, but she said we could do that when we renewed our lease. So anyway today the notice was up on our door, and said aggressive dogs are not permitted and also said he was over the weight limit, which confused us because their are people here with pitbulls and great Danes. My fiancé went to talk to her and she refuses to budge on the issue. She says he has to go by the 17th. So I was wondering if anyone could board him for about a month. We are moving now, there's no way I could give up my dog, he's been so therapeutic to me. We are willing to pay whatever price to board him. We are in Michigan and I would prefer somewhere within a couple hours of me so I can see him on a regular basis. He is utd on his shots and licensed, I think in a week or two he's due for another shot that they said was a 'booster,' I had to wait three weeks after getting his other vaccines. He is not fixed, because he is only 7 months old and I was told to wait till he's two because that's when they are fully grown. If that is a problem, I would be willing to get him fixed. He is house trained and knows all basic commands. He is good with kids, cats, and dogs. He's pretty low drive. He will bark at strangers but never bites. If someone could board him till we get into a new place I would greatly appreciate it! Like I said I don't care what the cost is, he's so worth it to me! I decided to ask here because I would prefer someone with gsd experience board him. Thanks! Any questions please feel free to ask! He was very abused and underweight when I first got him, so he's a little more wary of men than of women.
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