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Help me with these "oils"

My dogs are getting dry and itchy so my vet is recommending more omega-3s and I keep seeing people going on about coconut oil. I've got organic extra virgin coconut oil and fish oil tablet that say: 600mg fish oil, 300mg omega-3, 162mg EPA, and 108mg DHA. Oh and I have apple cider vinegar if that's of any value.

My dogs usually eat one large meal (2 cups) a day so that is when I plan to add these things. I also give them a handful of food in the morning and handful before bed but don't serve it in a bowl.

So how much of each of those things should I add to 2 cups of kibble for a 65lb and 75lb dog? I also float the food with warm water (melts the coconut, helps slow down the scarfing, and makes me feel better about them getting enough liquid since there is no water pail outside during the winter).
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