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Question Anyone else start puppy out with ??

Any one else feeding a all raw diet of vital essential? I am using their Alpha beef, chicken, and turkey. I am on the side of giving your dog a rotating diet, so I use their beef as my main, and add in their chicken for a day or two, then turkey.

The results have been great so far, as in no loose stooles or upset stomach and nice regular movment.

I always heard good things about their products and my breader uses this feed also.

I also really like Abedy as I feed my last shepherd that later in life (she had Hip dysplasia) and I saw an overall improvement in her on it. I believe they have a higher fat content, but don't quote me.

I was thinking of rotating this in as well?? Or should I not push it? Any one have any experience from growth outcome and overall bone placement on this??

Thanks for your help,

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