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Rebel is scheduled for blood work for this on Tuesday next week, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do for him in the meantime just in case this is what we're facing?

He's continuing to lose weight to the point where the skin/fur on his head looks kind of slack and loose. I've been feeding a combo of kibble (back on Kirkland signature since he won't eat the Nature's Domain), rice/oatmeal mix and cooked meat (venison right now, but it's been chicken, elk or beef). He's getting plenty of water, calcium and treats when he'll eat them.

Oh and he's getting a couple of eggs daily too (he'll only eat them raw though).

Any thoughts on anything else I can be doing to help support his nourishment? He's still pretty bouncy outside, runs the fenceline when we turn the corner at the bottom of the hill, races the up the hill neighbors down the hill and is excited about his "babies" (toys).

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