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Can a puppy's temperament be affected by living with a dog who is Fear Aggressive?

For those who have multiple dog households, with varying degrees of temperaments among your dogs:

How much can the behaviour of a puppy with the genetic potential for a very solid temperament be affected by living with a dog who has a nervy temperament?

The reason I ask, is that my older girl Juno (14 months) has Fear Aggression issues with strangers, and sometimes towards other dogs she doesn't know. This isn't down to a lack of socialization in her younger days. I did everything by the book with her. And unfortunately, I have finally had to admit that a lot of the Fear Aggressive tendencies she has are down to poor genetics. She was my first GSD and is my little star. We are working through her "nervy" moments together the best we can.

We recently bought a new puppy - this time from a very reputable breeder and with plenty of research before buying him. Bowser comes from a very good background and his parents (and grandparents) are absolutely stellar in temperament.

Bowser is currently 13 weeks old and he and Juno get along like a house on fire. She is very gentle with him (almost too gentle! He can be a bit of a brat to her!), and they play together very very well. She is like a big sister to him.

I know Bowser is young, but so far he has been absolutely bomb proof. In comparison to Juno at the same age, he's incredibly cool, calm and collected. He meets new people, dogs, places with gusto and likes to sit and observe the world. However, he sees her get anxious when we meet new people. He sees/hears her bark at every possible "threat" around our property. None of her FA is directed to him. But he sees her direct it to other situations. He doesn't seem to care, and his calm, friendly demeanour has been quite a good influence on her when we are meeting new people. But over time, will living with a dog who IS fearful change that? How have you dealt with this in your own dogs?
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