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Can't Get Near Car

A couple in the grocery store left the back of their Jeep up with three large dogs loose inside while they were shopping. When I was checking out a lady who was parked beside the came inside pretty upset because these dogs kept lunging at whoever walked by the car. The owners were called on the loud speaker and instead of just closing the back of the Jeep, they insisted that you could 'just walk by' and nothing happen. I'm not afraid of dogs,but I don't blame this woman for not walking by the dogs ,especially since they weren't just barking.They were snarling and going crazy at everyone. The police did get called by the store manager who made the couple go ahead and leave the store. This whole thing could have been prevented if the dog owners' were a little more considerate. They didn't think it was a big deal because 'the dogs knew not to get out of the car,and were just protecting it'.
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