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Kinda ticked me off...

So, I took my girl to the vet for the first time today for her second round of shots (first round was done with the breeder). She was fine when she was getting her shots, wanted to love on the vet tech, but she got a little anxious when I had to hold her to let him look in her ears and check her teeth. I mess with her mouth quite a bit...mainly because she always seems to have something she's not supposed to, so she's pretty used to having fingers in her mouth and I massage her gums when I think her teeth are bothering her...she, like every other shepherd pup is very mouthy in play. When the vet went to reach for her mouth, she snipped at growl, no bark, no was just like she does in play. He wasn't going to examine her teeth after that. He said I needed to get a handle on that and backed off. She's 12 weeks old!! 😒 Every member of my fam takes their dogs there and his prices are very reasonable for our area, considering he's one of two vets within 40 miles. Anyone else have issues with vets being freaked out their GSDs? I'm wondering if he would have reacted the same way if she would have been a pit...

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