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Better Safe than Sorry? stray dogs incident

Last night I felt I had to call the police to check on 2 stray dogs at our local park. My daughter and I take Molly there to play almost every night. It's nice in the winter, we have the park to ourselves. A very thin GSD with a thin black lab mix came into the park without any people. They didn't see us, so we just stayed put and observed them. I thought they were leaving, but then they spotted the cleaning crew for the preschool, ran up to them and started some intense barking. They wouldn't leave. The cleaning crew was protected by a iron fence. The dogs were in the area that was our exit, so we couldn't leave. We took Molly into the tennis courts, since they were fenced off, not sure if dogs would be aggressive and did not want to take a chance with two against one. The dogs would not leave so I called the police. I feel a little embarrassed using police resources to protect my dog, but the motorcycle officer was nice and by the time he got there the dogs were gone and he gave us a short escort to make sure we cleared the park safely. Do you think I over reacted calling the police?
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