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Itchy Scratchy Puppy

Our 7 month baby Kaiser has been itching for the past month and a half or so. He started by chewing a nickle-sized bald spot on his side, so we made a vet trip. No fleas, vet did a skin scrape and no mange, diagnosis was dry itchy skin. We got a little bottle of weak steroid/antibiotic something to spray on the spot for a week and started him on Omegaderm packets in his food. Still itchy and with a new bald spot (but the Omegaderm has his coat super silky and soft!), so another vet trip and we came home with Genesis spray. Did the full course and yup, still itchy. Benadryl? Still itchy. He goes to the groomer every two weeks for a moisturizing bath, good brushing, and a nail clip, which helps for a day or so, then back to itchy. If we catch him chewing we can give him the "leave it" command and he'll stop, until we leave the room.

In the middle of all this we transitioned him from Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Chicken to Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck. No change, still itchy, but he's never shown signs of food allergies anyway.

Then we had a warm week and we turned the heater off. Bam. Different dog. No itchies. Took him 10-12 hours to calm down with the chewing, but after that he was golden. Until we turned the heater back on.

We're now trying vitamin E oil on the spots he's chewed bald, twice a day, on the advice of our groomer. It does seem to help immediately when we apply it, and for 1-2 hours after. Should we bite the bullet and buy a nice humidifier? Wait and see if the vitamin e works? Haul him back to the vet? Buy parkas and turn off the heat (you think I'm joking)? What can we do to get my handsome boy's skin and coat back to normal?!
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