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5month old, one issue I want to Curb. (greeting people)

My 5month old has a REAL hard time calming down for ANYTHING ... he gets real excited and has a hard time listening to the point where often I Have to hold his chin (No pressure just steering his eyes to my face for him to get out of this "Excitement" state)

I've had some real success in him calming down before being let out of his Crate or his outside Kennel he knows now he has to sit and calm no whining and look at me and he gets let out.

But people... holy crap he turns into a MONSTER with people... I generally make him sit, then have the person come to him to say hello. But he's just a twitchy ball of STUPIDNESS just a plan Goof in anticipation to being pet by this new person.

And I'm wondering is this an AGE thing or a I'm screwing up as a Trainer thing. One thing to note its now Winter where I am so there isn't much "MEET AND GREET" for me to socialize him to like there was in summer/fall (We did ALOT of socialization then with strangers)

Also my house is a quite house so we don't get a lot of visitors so that's hard as well.

Just at this point he's 50 pounds ... I don't want to be trying to old back him when he's 100
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