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Default Long-term limp in hind leg

My ~5 month pup has had a limp in her left hind leg for about 1.5 - 2 months now. She's fine running around and playing, but visibly limps on one leg. It's also pointing outwards, whereas the right leg is a lot more in-line with her body. I initially went to the local vet about a month ago, and he suspected it was soft-tissue damage; he gave me 5 days worth of anti-inflammatory medication (which I gave her) and advised a couple weeks of rest (not much running, no playing with other dogs, etc.). That doesn't seem to have been of any use.

I made another appointment to see the vet this coming Saturday. What would you guys recommend as far as questions/procedures to inquire about? I think getting X Rays would be a good starting point? Anything else?

The pup is 'guaranteed' against hip issues by the breeder, if that's of any help.
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