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Can you "create" drive in a puppy?

Let's say you find a breeder and the sire & dam have good, solid temperaments, but are pretty laid back and relaxed. They have not been used for Sch. but do well in obedience. Now, let's say you took the puppy with the most drive, but it does not have as much drive as a working line pup. Could you, theoretically, make that puppy have more energy/drive if you work with it at 8 weeks and on? I am not sure I'm even using the correct terminology here, but I think the gist of what I am saying is being portrayed lol. If so, how would this be done? Through tug playing?

If not, what could this dog be used for besides Sch, OB, etc? Would a "calmer" dog be good for tracking?

Thanks for any replies, I have just been reading a bunch on genetics and temperaments, and this question just kind of popped up, figured yall would be the best to ask
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