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Ohhh I love this.

With Kya I love when she comes over and woofs me. She is not a big fan of attention but she will come over and stick her head under my hand and woof. Also when she goes out and barks at nothing then looks at me like "I swear it was there"

Milla does so many things that make me just laugh.

The shower check, even though she is asleep right outside the shower, she still has to poke her head in just in case I left by secret door.

She chews her bones or plays with her toys while laying on her back spread eagle. Makes me laugh every time.

She plops down right in the middle of the kitchen floor every time I cook.

When we walk everyday and there is something she just HAS to stop and sniff, she will sniff, look at me like "please" and then go back to sniffing intently.

I have so many. Love this thread!

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