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Athena and Hamilton

Happy New Year, everyone-

A few of you have asked "how are Athena and Hamilton (my new Ragdoll kitten) getting along?"

Well, it's like this. If Hamilton had to choose which of us to be around constantly, it wouldn't be me. He LOVES her. He's gone from darting under the bed at the first sound of her terrifying clicking toenails to utter devotion. Among his favorite activities are waiting for her to trot by him into the living room so he can spring up and bat her, curling up on top of her sleeping body, and "wrestling" with her on his back, his paddle-paws flailing around in the air. Athena loves him right back.

I *do* need to break him of one habit: When he was little, I used to bend over and let him jump on my back for "horsey rides!" Well, now that he's bigger (um, almost six pounds and not yet five months old), he's liable to want to play horsey any time I bend over to do anything. The worst is when I'm wearing a thin shirt, flinching, startled, because I suddenly have a heavy kitten on me. Off-kilter, he has to scramble up using his claws. So I either have to walk strangely hunched over with him lying on me, purring, or hold my arm out stiff, because his second-favorite variation of "horsey" is "parrot", where he sits perched on my arm. Walking bent over means my face is at Athena-level, so I have this purring dumbbell on my back mixed with sloppy, spitty kisses I'm helpless to wave away, since the purring dumbbell will lose his balance and have to use my skin as a tree.

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2013. I will have a Shepherd Girl-related announcement in a week or two (hint: some people take these on long trips).

Take care!

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